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The International Alliance for Mobility Testing and Standardization (IAMTS) is a membership-based association of organizations that focus on advanced mobility systems and their testing, standardization, and certification. The purpose of IAMTS is forming a community of global companies, agencies, and organizations in the automotive industry. In parallel, IAMTS supports its members both in obtaining and exchanging information on test environments like proving grounds or simulation platforms and in evaluating them in an unbiased way. Furthermore, IAMTS pushes the creation of a global framework of regulation, test scenarios, validation and certification methods, and terminology.

The International Alliance for Mobility Testing and Standardization has close to 40 top-level members, including industry and innovation leaders, universities, and federal organizations. The organization is currently building a global test environment database to assist OEMs, proving ground operators, and certifiers. Additionally, they announced in May 2021 that they will start working on automotive cybersecurity testing and validation. A recent publication by IAMTS is “A Comprehensive Approach for the Validation of Virtual Testing Toolchains” (2021).
Current role and relevance with regard to ADAS/AD

A database where IAMTS collects autonomous vehicle testing data from registered test environments like proving grounds can be of great value to research and development teams working on ADAS/AD functions. Moreover, their network is an opportunity to join the exchange between professionals about key issues of mobility. In addition to that database, IAMTS is also planning to define requirements on scenario databases and virtual testing approaches for the approval of ADAS/AD functions. All combined, this is of great value for testing activities for these functions all over the world and tackles open issues for the safety validation of autonomous vehicles.

Study group findings and suggestions
Comparable to the Study Group, IAMTS has the focus of testing automated driving functions. Even now, there is already a large overlap between the findings of the two activities. It is already clear that virtual testing will play a central role, but more importantly, a combination of virtual and simulative testing and real testing is the key to success. This is a central point for both the Study Group and IAMTS.

Close cooperation between the two activities should be planned. In the view of the Study Group, it is an opportunity for standardization in the automotive sector to agree on the necessary future test standards.



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