Test Data Management

Preview of an ODS application model

The intention here is not to pre-specify but to give an impression of how an ADAS domain model could be represented in an ASAM ODS application model based on the available information so far. This model:

  • Represents the artifacts found so far
  • Allows for a catalogue of scenarios
  • Allows for a catalogue of test cases
  • Does not investigate the detailed information of each artifact

Different modeling approaches are possible. The model below, for example, is created with the use of the existing open-source framework openMDM in mind.

Most of the described artifact elements of the ASAM ODS base model have been temporarily assigned (e.g. AOSubtest for test campaign) until further discussion changes that idea. Others have been left empty, e.g. “Requirement,” to be specified at a later stage.

In the following list only the main areas of the model are described.


Artifact Description
Structure This area allows items based on AOTest and AOSubtest to create a structure for navigation
Catalog The catalog area consists of items which help to save a scenario catalog / test case catalog in an ODS storage. As they in many cases will also be stored externally, this area is optional for an ODS ADAS/AD repository
Test run This area structures and saves all executed simulations and executed tests. With relations to recorded data and test description it provides all necessary information about the simulation/test for interpretation or repetition.

https://glossary.istqb.org/en/search/test%20run (Test Log)

Recorded data All recorded or arisen test data are saved and relate to a measurement 
Test description The test description area contains all entities which are necessary to describe all related metadata of a concrete test but can also save additional information, e.g. the used openScenario file, test automation file, model files, etc.

A future sub-standardization group could take this application model to a further level and develop a full application model similar to the NVH (noise vibration harshness) or passive safety domain.



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