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ISO/AWI 34503 – Road vehicles – Taxonomy for Operational Design Domain for Automated Driving Systems

This document specifies the basic requirements for a hierarchical taxonomy for defining the operational design domain (ODD) for an ADS. The ODD includes static and dynamic attributes that can be used to develop test scenarios in which an ADS is designed to operate. This document also defines basic test procedures for attributes of the ODD. This document is applicable to automated driving systems of Level 3 and higher as defined in ISO/SAE 22736. ISO/SAE 22736 also defines the concept of ODD. The definition of ODD is fundamental in ensuring safe operation of the ADS as it defines the operating conditions of the ADS. While different kinds of ADSs may be developed in the industry worldwide, there is a need to provide guidance on a framework for the definition of ODD for manufacturers, operators, end users, and regulators to ensure safe deployment of ADSs. This document will assist manufacturers of ADSs in the incorporation of minimum attributes for the definition of ODD and allow end users, operators, and regulators to reference a minimum set of attributes for the definition.

This standard is currently in the Preparatory Stage (under development) at ISO.