Test Data Management

Proposal for the Technical Application in the ASAM ODS Standard

Considering the flexibility of the ASAM ODS standard for different domains and its interoperability with the MDF standard (see section and the need for the navigation of test results during ADAS/AD development and homologation (see previous section), we recommend an extension of the ASAM ODS standard by way of an ODS associate standard. This associate standard describes an ADAS/AD domain application model based on the abstract ADAS/AD domain model described. In this context the relations to other ADAS/AD-relevant standards also need to be defined (e.g. ATX, OTX, OpenSCENARIO, OpenXOntology).

The specific advantages of such an ADAS/AD-specific application model are presented below.

Advantages of developing a specific ASAM ODS – ADAS/AD application model

  • Reusage of an existing, mature, and widespread standard for the management of a variety of data related to the validation of ADAS/AD, including metadata, time series data, bus data, streaming data, etc.
  • ODS has proven in other automotive applications than ADAS/AD that it can enable traceability
  • ODS provides enough structure and flexibility to adapt to different ADAS/AD-specific data storage requirements
  • Standardized API for different tools in simulation to find and download scenarios, test cases, and recorded data (e.g. for reprocessing)
  • Standardized usage and exchange of ADAS/AD test data throughout the industry (OEM, suppliers, test service providers, test and development tool providers, local and global authorities, etc.), e.g. when
  • Ordering internal and external test/simulation execution
  • Providing packages for homologation
  • Analyzing test and simulation results across department/company boundaries
  • Reusing recorded and calculated test data sets to derive new insights or as the basis for software and hardware reprocessing
  • Possible creation of a comprehensive repository as a foundation for the data-driven development of ADAS/AD functions
  • Existing format for exchanging model and test data (ATFx)



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